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Want to continue virtual school but with an in person atmosphere?  Want to include socialization, fun interactive extensions to assignments and music to the day?  Need backup for guidance in studies?   Ms. Sandie will be dedicating our 'Great Room" to helping families do just that. For interested families, please fill out or Virtual School Link 

*Socially Distanced Work Stations in a Temperature Controlled Space

*Limited to 8 Participants per Day

*Educators available to help with school work

*Extensions designed to help reinforce subject matter using music

*High Bandwidth WiFi

*Flexible Hours to accommodate needs 

*Breaks for Movement and Refocusing

*Dedicated Materials for each Participant (pencil case, pencils, pen, eraser, crayons)

*Affordability, Just $10 an hour with discounts over 10 hours a week. 

*Music lessons (additional cost) during time in space on Piano or Bowed Strings

Ready to sign up?  Here is our booking link 

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